۱. High school diploma of Natural Sciences, First Honor in Iran 1976.

۲. Iranian University Entrance National examination, First Honor 1976.

۳. Shiraz Medical school graduation, First Honor 1984.

۴. Ministry of health national examination for residency selection, First Honor 1987

۵. Excellent in Iranian National Board of Ophthalmology Examinations.

۶. Scientific Research Award for presented free paper in Iranian Academy of Ophthalmology: 1998

۷. “Outstanding Teacher “awarded by Medical University Vice Chancellor for Education.

۸. “Outstanding research project of university”: awarded by Vice Chancellor for university research for the research project “prevalence of congenital cataract in live newborns of Mahdieh and Akbarabadi hospitals” Nov. 2001.

Major Research interests – Cornea and external disease



Refractive surgery